Friday, July 1, 2011


I dear you to click on me!

Okay you must be wondering just WTF is this crap he's posting?  Well, if you look at the links, you'll notice this is one of the sites I enjoy.  It's a blog that talks about how awesome healthy foods are.  A few people know, but for all the others, I don't eat meat.  I eat vegetables, fruits, grains, olives, etc.  I am trying to eat a Mediterranean style "diet".

If anyone wants to see some awesome foods, check out Vegansaurus!  Take a chomp out of a veggie and not some critter!  It will thank you in the end.

The Mediterranean Diet is not a diet, as in “go on a diet,” even though it is a great way to lose weight or improve your health. Rather, it is a lifestyle – including foods, activities, meals with friends and family, and wine in moderation with meals. 
It has been studied and noted by scores of leading scientists as one of the healthiest in the worldJust as important, the Mediterranean Diet is full of wonderfully delicious, flavor-filled dishes and meals.  It’s easy to understand what it is by thinking about Mediterranean dishes or “plates.

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