Friday, July 1, 2011

Battlefield 3 - Team Death Match

I quote;

"From the opening park, you need to push underground through a dark, bombed-out metro tunnel section, and then up and out onto the downtown city streets for the final confrontation in front of the Paris stock exchange. This seamless transition in the map between contrasting areas is something that makes it feel like so much more than your typical walled-in multiplayer arena. For a sense of scale, each of the different areas in Operation M├ętro would be large enough to house a very good Team Deathmatch experience.
Speaking of which. We are bringing Team Deathmatch back to the multiplayer menu! It's been absent since Battlefield 1942, and to quote Lars Gustavsson, “It would almost be a criminal offense not to offer TDM to our fans, especially with the tactical destruction and realistic soldier movement  that Frostbite 2 brings to the game”. Our efforts to let you play Battlefield 3 your way also means that you will have the option to play infantry only matches, for that up close and personal touch."
You can catch the rest of Lars Gustavsson's blog here.

Personally I wish they would keep the Team Death Match OUT of the game and keep it where it belongs, Modern Warfare.  I just can't picture myself playing 16 player matches with everyone just running around, it reminds me to much of 'hardcore' mode and how it's filled with recon that just sit in bushes.

Battlefield has been built on the formula of teamwork, not this "one-man ARMY" crap.  I just hope it doesn't fuck up the game to much.  I'm still buying it, but I know I'm going to not be playing that part of the game.

WHY DICE!!! WHYYYY!!!!!  :'(


  1. It's to attract other people to the game. Especially people that only live and breath TDM. I honestly don't mind, as long as those people stay the hell away from Rush and Conquest. I will play fast pace when I play Modern Warfare 2.5, until then, I want to play Battlefield Traditionally.

  2. i love bf but the more i hear about their mp the less excited i am, all i hear is stuff to help the cod players out instead of making it another true bf game and their saying they want it to have a gameplay experience for everyone and more urban close quarters maps. that makes me angry and pissed off.btw the guy above me is not me

  3. Lol. Why must everyone sign in anonymous. I don't mind, I allow that feature, but it gets tough when there's more then one anonymous.

    To the top anonymous;

    I hear you. I don't mind TDM, but I too want to play Battlefield the way it's meant to be played. I have been playing since Battlefield 1942, and it's grown on me. I understand it's also to attract the Call of Duty players, who wouldn't want a piece of that giant pie CoD has.

    If DICE does this, they would have taken down one of the biggest juggernauts with their game. DICE is coming out swinging with Battlefield 3.

    To the second anonymous;

    I know they are bringing in a 10 map, 2 person co-op too. That is what you might be thinking of when you think of the close quarters maps. I know a 2 player separate campaign is going to be very tight cordors, etc. I just don't see Battlefield 3 as a Modern Warfare style shooter. Does not work well.

    It kind of pisses me off too, but as the top guy said, as long as the main game isn't fucked around with to much, I'm happy.

    I don't think they are going to mess with it that much. I think they will try bringing new ideas into a really solid formula a lot of people got use to.

    If they do it right, it will be super fun, and also keep to the bigger maps.

    If they do it wrong, it will be a massive flop with this amount of hype. But from their history, every Battlefield they create is always better than the last. They learn and grow and build onto a solid foundation.

    Call of Duty just copies and paste their same code, add a few new things and attempts to call it a new game.

    But to close this, I have a feeling DICE won't piss off their core players. I do have a veteran statues of 10. So I hope they don't fuck it up that much. I'll be pissed.


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