Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Start/Select - Final Fantasy rhythm game, 'no mods' for BF3

Mark brings you news of a Final Fantasy rhythm title, the decision not to include mod tools in Battlefield 3, and your weekly download update.


  1. no mod tools in bf3 is sad not only will the game not have a long shelf life like other bf titles but this means no one will make a star wars battlefront 3 mod for it, which i was hoping someone would make(since star wars battlefront 3 will never come out or be made) and if EA/DICE really think their engine is too advanced for people to mod theyre sadly mistaken

  2. A lot of people can mod very well. The community out there is very vast, and the people behind the game Brink started off modding games.

    Just shows you that anyone can do something well.


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