Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Hefty Fallout: New Vegas patch inbound (All systems)

Nine months and many updates after Obsidian's game arrived, "performance and stability" fix coming to role-playing game this week ahead of Old World Blues DLC.
Although Obsidian Entertainment's Fallout: New Vegas was well received by critics when it launched last October, it received its lauds in spite of numerous and significant bugs and glitches. Since then, publisher Bethesda has brought a string of patches to the game, but apparently not everything is fixed just yet.
According to a post on the Bethesda Blog, a patch for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC iterations of Fallout: New Vegas will roll out across all systems between today and Thursday.
The patch will address a long list of "performance and stability" issues, and it adds a new save feature that automatically saves prior to the end of the game. This will allow single- save gamers to play all downloadable content without creating a new game save.
For a full list of changes and fixes coming to Fallout: New Vegas in the new patch, check out the post on the Bethesda Blog.
The patch comes just two weeks before Fallout: New Vegas welcomes its latest add-on content, Old World Blues, which arrives on July 19. The add-on sees gamers forced into partaking in a gruesome science experiment that also offers a closer look at the Mojave's mutated-monster contingent. Gamers will be presented with the option of battling the maniacal scientists or joining with them to fend off "an even greater threat."
The game will offer new opponents such as robotic radscorpions, as well as raise the game's level cap by five. Unlike other expansions, Old World Blues will let players keep their equipment.

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