Saturday, July 2, 2011

IGN's Top 100 Modern Games 59-50

So I guess I'm a little behind on this top 100 list.  That's what happens when you slack.  If anyone is getting bored of waiting, you can just click here and it will bring you to all 100 games.  Looks like their list was fast forward or something.

But, for everyone else.  Here's the next 10 in the list.

Game #59
Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords
Released: March 16, 2007

Puzzle Quest... The first one and the sci-fi were the ones I enjoyed.  They really stared to make this game into some crazyness.  I did enjoy the "Tetris" like play.  Not really making the pieces fit while they fall, but matching colored gems.  Just watch the clip. :)

Game #58
Wii Sports Resort
Released: July 26, 2009

So what... It's Wii Sports Resort.  Fun for a week.  Sorry Nintendo, you have to wow me with some Wii U stuff.  I've fallen out of love  with you. :(

Game #57
Mirror's Edge
Released: November 12, 2008

Mirror's Edge.  A first person game where it mixes tactical parkour style running and a decent story, in a world that just seemed very surreal.  If you're looking for something different and love games that are super smooth and you can see your feet, check out the DEMO first, but it's worth the $15 used.

Game #56
Dead Rising
Released: August 8, 2006

Zombies - Enough said.  ;)

Game #55
DJ Hero
Released: October 27, 2009

Yellow, yellow, yellooooow, blue, blue, green... no thanks. I guess it's cool to play along, but I'm into the real thing.  I am a dance DJ and playing along to "Simon" just isn't my thing.  I know people love this shit.

Game #54
Pokemon Black & White
Released: March 6, 2011

Gotta catch them all... STDs, um Pokemon.  Pokemon, enough said.  I love it.  Have all the damn games, watch the show and know the song.  I collect the cards and I will kick the shit out of you. :)

Game #53
Professor Layton and the Unwound Future
Released: September 12, 2010

Professor X!  Layton, whomever.  I really couldn't say anything about this game.  Never heard of it until tonight.  lol

Game #52
Released: July 23, 2009

Shatter... how my heart feels.  Other then that, I don't know much about this either. :(

Game #51
Company of Heroes
Released: September 12, 2006

A military RTS.  Something I wanted to get into but my computer can bearly use Blogger without it coming to its knees. :(

Game #50
Battlefield: Bad Company 2
Released: March 2, 2010

If anyone can notice... I love all that is Battlefield.  I talk about this shit all the time.

My thoughts?  Best game in the universe.  But only rank 50?  *sigh*  I'll be pissed of CoD is higher, and I think it will be.  :(  Anyway, I know this game great, and a ton of others know it as well.  So, go out and buy it and join the elite.

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