Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I'm sorry all my Playstation fans, but I just have to laugh.  It really does suck that you guys and gals cannot play anything (I'm not even sure if Netflix works) because of the current events.

I also warn anyone from buying or even downloading anything.  Since SONY has admitted their incompetence about their weak security, I would be very wary about what do.

Doesn't anyone wonder about how a group of hackers hacked into a multi-billion dollar company?  I thought Sony was actually a bit more geared with better security, but I think with all the things they removed from the "fat PS3 (3rd party OS, backwards compatibly) the people finally got fed up.

I will say I am an XBOX fanboy, but I want to say this.  Hasn't anyone noticed how much Sony DOESN'T listen to their users?   You can say whatever you want about Microsoft and the "RROD", but that shit is overplayed.  I have used the same damn XBOX for over two years and never had an issue.  Also, haven't you noticed that the XBOX Live is just... better.  Microsoft listens to their users and adds features people like.  Sony, they remove more shit then ever.

Well, to all you Sony gamers.

Sorry you guys can't play anything.  Real bummer.


  1. Lol... Nice and compassionate to fellow gamers i see.

    Although what you say is very true.

    P.S. Playstation owners cant say JACK about the RROD as they suffer from the YLOD which is EXACTLY the same issue as the xbox.

    P.P.S Im note sure what is powering your anti spam varification but it doesnt like my iPad so can only post on my laptop.

  2. I can post fine with my iPad. I have the PS3 slim with the 320GB HDD. That thing gets SO much hotter than the XBOX 360.

    I don't like how the PS3 makes you install the game and then when you update the game, you don't just download ONE update. You have to download a patch, install it, download the next patch, install it, etc.

    The XBOX is like downloading an .EXE compared to a .ZIP.

  3. Maybe as you have logged into blogspot, will try setting up an account.

    I really dont like my PS3. only had it a little while. Got it for £50 as it had the YLOD, fixed it the same as the xbox and now runs fine but i just cant stand the controller. the sticks are in a un-natural position when your used to an xbox control.

  4. It's funny to see all the PS3 fanboys cry about their system being the best. It just... sucks. Their dashboard is horrible and just ugly. Also it's funny because when I play Battlefield 1943, it crashes. I have to turn off AA just to get it to work.

    On the XBOX, I have left it on for days and never had an issue.


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