Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Get SMART! Brink video

Here's a little 4:00 minute video of "the basics".  It is stuff you already know, but does talk about things we should know. This is for the people who don't really know anything about the game. Enjoy it.

It's a cool video and it's more Brink, what else do you want?!  BRINK!  13 more day for the US folk, 15 more days for the UK guys.  Friday the 13th for you Brits.


  1. Did you get the friday 13th thing from me :o)

  2. This video explains a lot. I love it. KICK ASS find.

  3. Thief..... :o)

    Suppose i should get back to work.

  4. *Cracks whip*

    Get back to work. You going to have that beta contest? Or do you just want to give me the code? :D

  5. Goingnto post it when i get in from work, seeing as im now in a GREAT mood.


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