Thursday, September 15, 2011

Medal of Honor Disk REQUIRED to play Battlefield 3 BETA

THE BUZZ: DICE says you will need the Medal of Honor disc, not just the code, in order to play the Battlefield 3 beta early.
A code came with the Limited Edition of Medal of Honor that allowed early access into the Battlefield 3 beta, however many fans thought that all you would need is the code and have since traded in their copies. This was a bad move! DICE revealed, over on the official Battlefield 3 Twitter account, that in order to access the beta early you will need both the code and disc, as the beta is accessed from inside the game. When a fan asked if the disc was required, this was the reply:
“Yes you will need the disc, you will have to play it off of there ^CT”
EGM’s TAKE: While this is bad news for fans who traded in their copy, it’s not disastrous, simply pick up the game before the beta launches, or even rent a copy, and you will be good to go.
Do you still have your copy of Medal of Honor?

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