Saturday, August 13, 2011

New Battlefield 3 video coming - Has a bit of everything

A new video for Battlefield 3 will be released very soon according to Dice.
Senior Video Director at Dice, Roland Smedberg has confirmed that a new video is coming for Battlefield 3, the video should be shown at Gamescom next week and Roland has been teasing a few details about the video via Twitter.
“Just finished a three hour recording session with @Noken @cbennison and DiceQA with this outside the window. #bf3″
After this tweet he then went on to start answering a few questions about the video.
One fan asked “another vid coming?”
“@jalalalabar I think its safe to say: yes :) ”
Another fan asked “Any chance of hinting at what this recording involved?”
“@RobJN3 Ooh I would say a bit of everything. Had a blast. Took me back to those warm fuzzy bf2 days ;) ”
Finally one fan said “Please God let it be 64 player CQ w/ choppers, jets, tanks and not some 30 sec clip withspeed ramped quick cuts”
“@dtantsikian Hey, nothing wrong with quick cuts. As long as those cuts are EPIC ;) ”
Gamescom will take place next week in Cologne, Germany.

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