Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Guild Wars 2 - Growing the Sylvari

Four years ago, the Guild Wars 2 writers and designers came to the artists with a crazy direction for a new race. They are a brand new species to Tyria—less than 25 years old—innocent to the world, they nevertheless possess a collective wisdom. They have a certain noble quality, incorporating Arthurian chivalry as well as all the secrets that the darker places may reveal. They are mysterious. They are unusual. They are unique. They are the sylvari.
Oh yeah, and they are plants.
In the following video, Continuity & Lore Designer Ree Soesbee and I take a look at the unique background of the sylvari and how our enigmatic plant race has grown and flowered over the years from the initial designs to where we are today. We hope you enjoy it!

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