Thursday, August 25, 2011

GameStop discarding Deus Ex coupons before selling game

[UPDATE] After removing codes for free OnLive streaming version of Square Enix's new release, specialty retailer pulls PC game from sale completely with publisher's support.

When Square Enix launched Deus Ex: Human Revolution earlier this week, the publisher proclaimed that all purchasers of the PC retail version of the game would receive a free OnLive digital copy of the game as well. However, Square Enix's plans appear to have been partially thwarted, as GameSpy reports that specialty retailer GameStop has been removing the OnLive coupons from its copies of the game before selling them to customers.
A GameStop representative confirmed the news for GameSpy, saying, "Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our [Deus Ex: Human Revolution] product without our prior knowledge and we did pull and discard these coupons."
OnLive is a game rental and purchase service that allows PC gamers with an Internet connection to stream titles for play on "nearly any" PC or Mac or on TVs equipped with an OnLive game system and controller. The company is also prepping iPad and Android tablet versions of its service.
While OnLive and GameStop can be said to compete at the moment, their markets are likely to overlap more in the future. Earlier this year, GameStop acquired the streaming game company Spawn Labs, and it plans to launch an open beta of its own streaming service later this year.
[UPDATE]: A Square Enix representative told GameSpot "We have no comment" on the matter. An OnLive representative similarly had no comment.
GameStop also provided additional comment on its Facebook page, saying, "Regarding the Deus Ex: Human Revolution OnLive codes: We don't make a habit of promoting competitive services without a formal partnership. Square Enix packed the competitor's coupon with our DXHR product without our prior knowledge and we did pull these coupons. While the new products may be opened, we fully guarantee the condition of the discs to be new. If you find this to not be the case, please contact the store where the game was purchased and they will further assist."
[UPDATE 2]: GameStop has reportedly changed its position on the PC version of Deus Ex. A company representative told CNN today that it has stopped selling physical copies of the PC version of Deus Ex: Human Revolution until it receives a new version from Square Enix without the OnLive coupon included. However, GameStop continues to offer the downloadable version of the PC game, which includes no such OnLive bonus.
[UPDATE 3]: Square Enix decided it had a comment after all. The publisher released a statement to GameSpot, saying, "As part of Deus Ex: Human Revolution's boxed offering on PC, Square Enix included a third party coupon. GameStop was not made aware of this inclusion and Square Enix respects the right of GameStop to have final say over the contents of products it sells and to adjust them where they see fit in accordance with their policies."
The publisher went on to invite gamers who want to purchase a coupon-free version of the game to get it from any of GameStop's North American stores, or download it from the retailer's website.

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