Saturday, July 16, 2011

Highlights of the Week, July 15

Another great week for Battlefield, filled with some great stuff thanks to you, our amazing fans. We’ve seen some great press, fan interaction, and some amazing user-submitted videos all for you and all right here in the Battlefield Highlights of the Week.

We kicked the week off with our new Topic Tuesday feature, where we ask you to tell us what you think about subjects in the world of shooters. We had a lot of great questions and comments appear as a response and we couldn’t be happier. Take Yure Dutra’s comment, for example. “Supressive fire was one the most interesting ideas ever but I still be Assault or maybe Medic. I like to be fast, be essential, have agility and in the same time carry firepower. I wish the Recon could be like the one in BF2142, with SMG's and some gadgets but that won't fit BF3 very much.”

There are also some great anecdotes and ideas appearing as a response, including a story from Rory James Livingston. “Me and my brother were reminiscing about when we used to play BF2 and when we played BF:BC2,” Livingston explains. “Putting 2+BC2 together, excusing the pun, we took the tracer from BC2 and the jets from BF2 and thought "wouldn't it be amazing if we could laze targets for our allies in the sky to make their job easier", as we hear all the time in the movies how the pilots are "blind" without their target lazed so we thought this would be an AMAZING addition to BF3, and we were actually sure it might be already in the game. Not really a question, but just an awesome thought.” We agree, Rory. Definitely an awesome thought! That’s not to say this is a feature in Battlefield 3 – the game’s still in heavy development and the full list of features has yet to be revealed.

Another response we received from Topic Tuesdays comes from Joshua Mikhail Amezcua, commenting on some of the class changes found in Battlefield 3, as seen in Battleblog #2. “I work in pararescue in the Air Force. I have seen first hand how much hard work and training goes into being a combat medic,” says Amezcua. “Finally, the BF series is getting it right in blending the assualt and medic classes into one, allowing gamers to get as close to being a combat medic as possible without actually joining the military.” We’re thrilled that you dig it, Josh! As we said before, in Battlefield 3, you can play your way, and this is just another example of how you can accomplish that.

MSNBC posted a video preview for Battlefield 3 this week, calling it “a new reality for gaming.” Want to take a look as MSNBC’s Todd Kenreck chats with Patrick Söderlund about the game? We’ve got it for you right here…

Last week, we featured fan videos that focused on knife kills – this week, we’re going a bit bigger as we’re focusing on the explosive nature of the Battlefield. Take a look at the great videos below.

Thanks for tuning in and we’ll be back next week with even more Battlefield goodies for you to enjoy! If you have any videos or images, or any other great Battlefield-related items you'd like highlighted, hit us up on Facebook or Twitter! Until then, if you have any questions, comments or suggestions, leave us a note in the comments section and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

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