Thursday, July 14, 2011

A few Battlefield 3 details

Russian Battlefield fansites and recently held an interview with Russian Battlefield Community Manager Eugene Olenev.
Battlefieldo then took a look over this interview and condensed the information into an easy to read list for you all to enjoy.
- Hitboxes are much improved in comparison with BFBC2.
- Recoil is really tricky and needs getting used to.
- The closed betatest for MoH owners will be held but no word on date yet.
- There will be ingame VOIP.
- There are three slots for weapon customization.
- Character customization will be up but no word on details.
- BF3 will be greatly optimized. DICE is willing to optimize it for all platforms and hardware.
- System specs won`t be “fantastic”. They will be reasonable.
- The feeling of BF3 is truly different. It`s not BF2 and not BFBC2.
- BF3 will be highly cybersports-oriented.
- There`s no final decision about commo-rose at DICE.
- There`s closed area at DICE office where people work on unannounced project.
- Battlelog is a web-application for BF3.

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