Friday, July 15, 2011

Battlefield Veteran System Makes A Return In Battlefield 3

The Battlefield Veteran System that shows how many Battlefield games you have played will be making a return in Battlefield 3.
Your Veteran rank is the number of qualifying Battlefield games you have played minus one. 
In Bad Company and Bad Company 2 people were given rewards for being veterans in Bad Company 1 they received the F2000 and in Bad Company 2 the M1 Garrand.
There has been no official word of whether an exclusive reward will be handed out to veterans in Battlefield 3.
It was discovered that the Veteran System would be returning after the first screenshots of the Battlelog were released yesterday.

I hope the K/D ratio doesn't fuck the game up to much, but then again, what do I care?  I'll still WTF PWN all of you guys. :D

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