Thursday, July 21, 2011

Battlefield 3 Class & Unlock Details

Last night footage leaked from an Alpha Trial that is currently going on for Battlefield 3 and since then EA has been busy taking it down.
However a lot of details have surfaced as a result of the Alpha Trial leaks, and a summary of Class and Unlock details can be found below.
- Killing an enemy displays "Enemy Down 100"
- MCOM is 200 points
- Dogtags are 300 points it seems
- "Handgun Ribbon" 200 points. (seems to be a handgun killstreak award).
- "Combat Efficiency Ribbon" 200 points.
- You have to hold [R] to pick up a kit- this notification hovers over the kit
- Crosshairs on knife and shock paddles are a small white dot.
- Tripods on the AK74
- Grenade blew tall trees down
- 3D spotting appears confirmed
- Exiting the combat area only displays a small red warning sign centrescreen.
- The engineer had :
- 5 mags of 30 for his M4
- 5 Rockets for his SMAW
- 4 mags of 16 for his M9 pistol.
- 18 rounds per mag on the MP 443
- The SVD had 6 magazines of 11 rounds.
- First rank is "Pvt 1st class1"
- There are at least 3 classes of Pvt 1st class (1,2,3)
- Highest score seen was 4070
- Engineer gets a G36C as a primary unlock
(Other new weapons)
- SV- 98
- MK11

- Not sure about the M27 IAR
- AKS-74u
- AK-74M
- Medikit is an unlock.
- "Sprint boost" - Customization unlock. What do you make of this?
- Vehicle unlocks:
- MBT Smoke grenade luancher.
- IFV -AT missle launcher.
- Mobile AA- Smokegrenade launcher.
- Attack helicopter, jets, scout? - "Stealth".
- Interesting stats:
- "Highest streak".
- "Longest headshot".
- "Highest nemetag? nemesis streak".
And lastly:
- We have seen 5 different 1HK equipped knife attacks from behind:
- The grab from behind and knife to the heart (a la Crysis 2)
- The same but from the front.
- The grab from behind and backstab.
- The leg sweep and downward chopping blow to the chest.
- And a simple backhand sweep with the knife to the throat.

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