Friday, June 3, 2011

Wii 2 touch-screen confirmed

Today, Nikkei (registration required) has confirmed one of the bigger rumors surrounding the console. As speculated, the console will have a controller with a six-inch touchscreen at its center, allowing players to play games as they would on a tablet computer in conjunction with traditional game buttons.
Furthermore, the controller can be used as a "portable game device." Though earlier speculation had the controller streaming games onto its screen from the Wii 2, Nikkei reports that "Nintendo aims to attract more users by offering a console that doubles as a portable game system," implicating the controller can be used independently.
Nikkei also confirmed that the controller will have a camera that will allow players to create characters based on pictures they snap. It also said the Wii's successor console could launch as early as mid-2012.

Are you kidding me?  A six-inch screen will be fucking huge on a controller.  Anyone remember the first XBOX controllers? Lol

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