Monday, June 27, 2011

Top 100 Modern Video Games [IGN]

Source: IGN

If there's one question we get all the time on My IGN and Twitter, it's "I just picked up [insert modern video game machine]. What should I play?" That's why we made this list of the Top 100 Modern Video Games. If you just came out of the persistent vegetative state you've been in since just before the Xbox 360 ushered in the era of high definition, these are the games we think you should play from the six years that have made up the current console generation. And yes, we worked in the coolest PSP, DS and mobile games that came out during that timeframe, too.
Now, as you've just come out of this coma and probably have friends and family to catch up with, we want to maximize your time. A lot of rad franchises have multiple rad games, but we boiled those down to one installment to represent the series and let you see the most games possible. Similarly, if a game had an awesome expansion but it didn't redefine the experience, we just pushed the DLC into the consideration of the game itself.

It looks like the list will be coming today (Monday).  I am not 100% sure what this video is trying to show us.  It does nothing to show us the top 100 modern games.  So, we will just have to sit and wait.  As soon as the list is available, I'll post it.
From the looks of things, IGN is fucked up right now, or something isn't showing.  I found the top 100, but the list is a little old.   I am trying to find the most current edition.  Right now it looks like all they have are list from August 2010.  I will post the links and then update with a new post once I find the most current list.

Here's the top 100 broken down in four sections.  (Remember these list were last updated August 2010)

Playstation 3 top 25
XBOX 360 top 25
Computer top 25
Wii top 25

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