Tuesday, June 28, 2011

IGN's top 100 Modern Games - 89-80

With each day passing, I will do the next 10 games in a the series.  Looks like there's no access to the games in the 80's, but I figured out how to get to the games.

So on with the show!

Game 89
Dragon Age: Origins
Released: November 3, 2009

I loved everything Dragon Age (DA).  I played DA on the XBOX 360 for 500 hours.  I played every class through, and pretty much got the majority of the endings.  This is what I loved about an RPG.  I was able to pretty much make my character do whatever and play them however I wished.  The story and writing were also top notch.  I played a little Dragon Age II, and felt as though they dumbed it down and created more of an action RPG.  Regardless, both games are worth spending money on.

Game 88
Valkyria Chronicles II
Released: August 31, 2010

I never played Valkyria Chronicles one or part two. 

Game 87
Killzone 2
Released: February 27, 2009

Good ole Killzone 2.  Where do I begin?  Pretty game, broken online.  What I enjoyed about this game was the graphics, and that is where the enjoyment ended.  The controls felt as though I was using a giant boat in the water and not a smaller jetski.  Meaning... the controls were not tight and felt very (trying to find the correct word) unresponsive.  And when you tried to play a game online, unless everyone had a perfect connection, it was riddled with lag issues and since no one really has a mic (unlike XBOX), it's also impossible to use tactics or communicate.  I played part three as well, and well, I just don't see the hype with this game.

Game 86
Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow
Released: October 4, 2005

I played my share of Castlevania games, yet I have not gotten around to playing 'Dawn of Sorrow'.

Game 85
Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light
Released: August 18, 2010

Another game that went down the road of the dumb.  Lets take an awesome series like Lara Croft and make it a top-down dungeon crawl!!!!  No *ucking thanks!  Seriously, how much more can you destroy a series by changing the way you play it.  I thought the co-op was pretty cool, but if you were playing with an idiot, say good bye to his ability to stay alive.  This game is fun if you're a hardcore fan and looking for something 180 degrees different in the other direction.

Game 84
Elite Beat Agents
Released: November 6, 2006

I have never heard of this game until today.  So, who knows. :) 

Game 83
‘Splosion Man
Released: July 22, 2009

This game and Super Meat Boy are two games I don't want to play.  A lot of people think they are sooooo awesome, I don't find the appeal in either.  Now there's going to be a 'Splosion Girl remake.  Argh!  *Smacks Forehead* 

Game 82
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction
Released: April 13, 2010

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell...  first I'd like to say Tom Clancy should stop writing books, and games.  This game was a bunch of epic fail.  Enemies that knew were you were when you were hiding.  The ability to just go into every mission and "Rambo" the guys with little to no resistance.  I am not a fan of these spy-type games.  The only thing I liked about this game was the fact it was released on my birthday.  :D 

Game 81
Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes
Released: December 1, 2009

Here's another remake to make the game even easier than it was.  I remember growing up playing this turn-based game on the modem with my friends.  It was always praised for its glorified graphics.  A lot of people didn't like it because it was turned base, but it was that fact which gave you a lot of time to come up with strategy.  This game looks alright, but since it's not following suite to the real games, it's a pass.

ovember 16, 2010

Game 80
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit
Released: November 16, 2010

I played the original where you had to hook your computer up through a LAN. It was days and days of fun.   We would have massive LAN parties and just play cops and robbers.  This game brings back so many good memories.

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