Thursday, June 16, 2011

Black Ops' Retaliation add-on hitting June 28?

Leaked GameStop promotional material suggests latest Call of Duty entry getting third map pack this month; four multiplayer environments and one zombie level reportedly included.

Source: A blurry image of what appears to be GameStop promotional material, posted by Unofficial Call of Duty: Black Ops Forums user Steam89 on June 7, during the height of the 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo.
What we heard: Call of Duty series publisher Activision has not shied away from offering add-on content for its popular shooter franchise. Predecessors Call of Duty: World at War and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 both welcomed three batches of postrelease add-on content. Now it appears Call of Duty: Black Ops is following suit.
Judging by what can be discerned from the leaked poster (pictured), Activision is readying a third map pack for Black Ops supposedly called Retaliation. Following the formula laid out by the previous two add-on offerings--First Strike and Escalation--Retaliation is reportedly going to add four new multiplayer maps and one zombie level to the shooter.
A release date is not shown in the cropped image, but the forum poster says the Retaliation pack will arrive on June 28. No mention was made as to a price for the content, but if the past serves as precedent, it is likely gamers will be asked to pay $15 for the add-on.
As for where the content will arrive first, during Microsoft's 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing the company said it had renewed its partnership with Activision to have Call of Duty map packs arrive first on Xbox Live.
The multiplayer maps included in the Retaliation pack, according to the poster, are Hangar 18, Silo, Drive-In, and Hazard. The zombie map is shown in the image, but it is too blurry to extract any further specifics about it.
If the Retaliation content is real and is released on June 28, it will do so just two weeks before the start date of the beta for Call of Duty: Elite, Activision's new online service. The beta has already registered 2 million, and as Activision's social media manager Dan Amrich said yesterday, "more would be even better."
The official story: As of press time Activision had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment or clarification on the matter.
Bogus or not bogus: Looking not bogus. This isn't the first time a retailer has let loose information about a Call of Duty map pack. In April, a leaked poster from Australian retailer GAME unveiled Black Ops' Escalation add-on, which was later confirmed.
Further, Activision has already seen success with its previous add-ons, making a third a likely prospect. Black Ops' first map pack--First Strike--sold 1.4 million units in its first 24 hours, and the Escalation content sold as many as 4 million units, according to one analyst.

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