Friday, June 24, 2011

Battlefield. 3 - No 1080p on consoles

Battlefield 3 has once again become a major focus over the last two days since the first console footage was 
shown on the Jimmy Fallon Show.
A few gamers were a little upset at the difference in looks between the PC and console versions of the game 
which led Dice to defend itself by saying that no one could expect them to look visually on par.

It was also confirmed that Battlefield 3 will only output at 720p on consoles.
Rendering Architect, Johan Andersson gave that as a response to the following question on twitter;
“will Battlefield 3 be in 720p, or 1080p/1080i for consoles?”
It was also asked by a fan why the scope used in the PS3 build was different to the one seen in the PC build to 
which he answered that the footage shown a few nights ago was the "latest build" of the game.

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