Thursday, May 12, 2011

Unacceptable behavior from Gamespot

So here I am, at Gamespot under the comment section.  I and many others are trying to defend the game Brink from the hordes of rejects who think it's the worse thing ever.  They say there's a ton of lag, which I have personally experienced, but nothing show stopping like they claim.  They also tend to forget Grand Theft Auto IV is the laggiest piece of shit in the history of games, yet it received a perfect 10.

I also called someone a hypocrite and they reported me for attacking them and trolling.  I also said someone was an idiot because they were dogging the game and saying that only stupid and dumb people play it.  Again, I was reported and this time ban.

It's amazing because anyone who actually tried to defend it, tried to say good things, acted intelligent and had good post, was instantly attacked and made fun of.  The people there want the game to fail, they feel that it's new and fresh and feel that it's attacking their precious Call of Duty.

They claim the maps are horrible in design, yet you can fit all the Call of Duty maps into one Brink map, they are THAT big!  There are 8 maps, Call of Duty launched with 8 maps and Battlefield launched with 5 or 6 if I recall.

It's really sad to see the community there act like rejects.  I know they are all very young and even their mods are pretty fucking stupid.  They don't even read my post, they just see someone reported me and wave the band hammer.  If they actually took the time and cared, they would see that 95% of the people there are in the wrong, not me.  Also if you notice at IGN, they removed the entire article because so many people were attacking them about their horrible review.

Can you believe that people also complained that there's no stat tracking.  That to me really shows that they don't care about teamwork, only magical numbers that makes their "e-penis" shrivel up like a raisin.

Fuck IGN, fuck Gamespot.


  1. I just got the game the day it came out I will admit there is lag, but its expected the game is new the severs arnt finished. Call of duty is great but its not the only Fps, for all of the cod fan boys were sorry we also like this game it has things cod dosnt so dont hate on it cause its diffrent. And if one person says its stupid cause its not realistic well...ITS A GAME.

  2. ummm not to burst your bubble but call of duty black ops launched with 14 multiplayer maps not counting the downloadable maps and 3 zombie maps. Also in Battlefield Bad Company there are 15 maps, some are downloadable yes, but for free.

    Also, it's getting old to see you calling people that are not of the same opinion as you "rejects" because they don't agree. Stat tracking has become an integral part of modern shooters so to some people, yes it is a problem. Maybe not you, but you must learn to respect other peoples opinions.

    Just because Brink got a low score and that some people can't get past it's problems, doesn't mean they have a lesser opinion than you. You can't just say "Fuck IGN, fuck Gamespot" because they gave it a low score.

    Did you ever think that maybe your perspective of the game is influenced because you were so hyped up for it and don't want to leave the game disappointed? just saying. Hey, for all I know you'll still be playing the game in 2 months, and that's fine because YOU can personally tolerate and/or ignore the games faults.

    Did you look at the game's average?

    This means that some people found the game was good, some found it was bad. But more thought of it as a bad game. If you can find value in it that's fine but for other's, maybe spending 70$ on a game that doesn't have many maps or standard features like stats seems like too much. food for thought

  3. If you also read, they (Gamespot) admitted they only had Brink for one day, and then reviewed it.

    I know it's MY opinion, but the game is not bad. IGN and Gamespot said some of the dumbest things. If you came to Brink looking for K/D ratio and stats, you obviously are looking for the wrong type of game. You seem to like Call of Duty, and that's fine, so if you must, just got back.

    I know Call of Duty and Bad Company 2 have TONS of maps, but they did NOT launch with that many. Give it time and Brink too will have a bunch of extra maps. You tend to forget that Bad Company 2 is on VIP 7 and they even have the Vietnam expansion.

    But, Call of Duty DID LAUNCH (Key word is LAUNCHED) with 8. I know they also charged $30 for a few maps from the older games and a couple news ones, but I never played CoD, and never will.

    I do not think popularity equals a good game. If that was the case, Britney Spears would be #1 on the charts for years to come.

    Also I AM NOT talking about Black Ops. I was talking about other Call of Duty games. If I was going to mention Black Ops, I would have said that.

    I was not giving this game a good score because of the hype and I was hyped, I was giving this a good score because the game itself deserved an 8.

    I know people have their rights and opinions, but the game doesn't deserve a 6, sorry. The reasons IGN gave are personal and foolish. It's like he was looking for a Call of Duty: Parkour Edition, and when he seen something that actually required massive amounts of teamwork, he was stunned and gave the game bad rating.

    I've been playing since day one, and with my buddies it's been 90% lag free. I don't know what these people were thinking trying to review the game one day prior to launch.

    This game doesn't NEED stats. I am very pleased, along with all my Battlefield friends that it does NOT record all those silly K/D and win/lose ratios. It's a game that just doesn't need it.

    I love stats as much as the next person, and I have 12 Battlefield games (expansions included), so I know all about stats, but it really is a breath of fresh air to just go out, and have fun with your friends.

    I'm sorry you don't like what I said, but like you said, we're all entitled to our OPINIONS.

  4. I just looked it up, Battlefield Bad Company launched with 4 maps for each game type. FOUR MAPS!

    Like I said, they have 7 VIP expansions. I wish you would have read that I said "at launch". This game (Brink) launched with 8 and I would hope there's more to come.

  5. Ok your right about the battlefield maps but still come on cut him some slack. the reviewer praises the teamwork in his review

  6. That's all he praises. The game needs a lot of work. They released a 3/4th beta and called it finished.

    At least we get free DLC.


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