Friday, May 6, 2011

Turtle Beach DX11

So I just picked up the Turtle Beach DX11 headset from Best Buy.  Why Best Buy?  Because they are an exclusive to them.  I dropped $129 plus tax and I have to say they breath life into your games.  I was replaying everything I owned just so I could listen to how bad ass these are.

The setup took a matter of minutes (if you can read).  Set your XBOX to use 5.1, install your favorite game and be blown away.  I noticed you could turn the bass up and turn the volume all the way up, which is NOT a good idea.  From what it sounds like, you can easily muck up your headset if you have a lot of bass filled games (shooters).  It will also take a little time to tweak to get the right balance of voice chat + game.

All in all, these are worth the $130 investment.  The movies I stream from Netflix are amazing,  the music I get from blew me away.  These are one of the best headsets you can get for your XBOX 360.

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