Tuesday, May 10, 2011

More Brink stuff.......

So, if people haven't figured out yet, I goto Gamespot and IGN a lot of the time to get news for my blog.  If anyone has gone to Gamespot they would understand their top 10 list.

As more people visit the game it moves the game from 10th to 1st position for popularity.  What gets me is Brink being at #3 most viewed game today.  But what really gets me is the "Coming Soon" section of games.  You would think Brink would take the #1 spot since it is coming out May 10th (today).  The first game is inFamous 2 for the PS3.

That's all.  Looks like another game that will fly under the radar, especially since it was tailored NOT like Call of Duty.  What I mean by that is this;  No one hit headshots.  Unless you are using a very powerful sniper rifle and you are shooting at the smallest  (body size) class.  Other than that, they are two hits.  Also the knife is not an instant kill.  So again this upset the Call of Duty community.

I personally love how they made it so the quick scoping rejects can't just snipe and camp.

Sniper no sniping!

Check out the "Call of Duty" link.  Lol

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