Monday, May 9, 2011

Modern Warfare 3 Announcement Teased

Do I give a shit about Modern Warfare?  Sure don't, but I know it will pull a lot of people into my blog. :D

This weekend, a picture of a page from the UK's Official PlayStation Magazine has been making the Internet rounds, appearing on a variety of sites, including Push Square. The picture is purportedly of a page in the magazine teasing a major reveal of the upcoming Call of Duty title, Modern Warfare 3, in its next issue. 

The teaser for the next issue of the magazine (which should be available June 8th in the UK) simply says "Only in next month's... PlayStation Official Magazine -- UK" with a huge green "3" underneath it. Further down the page, it says "The biggest game in the world returns." All of this could point to Modern Warfare 3. 

With E3 falling in the same week as the release of the next issue of the magazine, it's entirely possible that a Modern Warfare 3 reveal will take place before the next issue of the magazine is available. And Activision also has an investor call this afternoon where the next Call of Duty game may be announced. 


  1. Now this was kinda hinted at in the new new SentUAMessage video on the dashboard as they are taking the piss of Portal 2's GLaDOS and Modern Warfare 3 gets a mention.

  2. What is Portal 2 "GAlDOS"? I just don't see the appeal of that game [Portal 2].


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