Monday, May 16, 2011

IGN builds a mock Wii 2

With E3 right around the corner, this year will warrant some of the best hardware Nintendo has to offer, along with some AAA title games.  Below is a mock up version of what IGN believes could be powering the next generation Nintendo Wii 2.

As you can see, IGN uses off the shelf parts and they are only guessing at what will be inside, but the "Wii 2" will still be a decent power house for current generation games.

Check out the "Super bowl" of gaming with E3 this June.


  1. what a load of IGNorance as expected from IGN !!!!!

    Nintendo makes the most efficient consoles out-there wii is by far the most efficient console in existence.....

    nintendo wont be running windows

    nintendo will not use standard ram ether fast ram or fast and slow ram most likely some EDram standard ram and of the shelf i dont think so

    gpu will again be vastly more efficient to a cough plug in pc card and console will likely be clock synced and tight

    i think 2 x with ease of what ign have if not more

    the more ign report on wii 2 the more ANTI NINTENDO it comes across

  2. If you listened to him, they said it will be a lot more stream line with a custom OS.

    I guess you didn't listen to what they said. This is just a "what if". We know Nintendo will NOT use off the wall hardware.


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