Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dungeon Siege III - Hands On (Gamespot)

Looks as though Gamespot got their hands on an early copy of the upcoming dungeon crawler, Dungeon Siege III.  Check out the full preview here.

Here's a little blurt from the guys over at Gamespot.

With Dungeon Siege III, developer Obsidian Entertainment (creator of Fallout: New Vegas) has been tasked with rebooting a classic PC hack-and-slash dungeon-crawler series for the modern age. The original Dungeon Siege, which was released back in 2002 by developer Gas Powered Games, was beloved for its accessibility and addictive gameplay. However, Obsidian isn't afraid to make a few controversial changes to the formula, such as removing the ability to create your own custom characters in favor of offering a selection of four premade heroes. The aim is to bring the developer's storytelling prowess to a genre infamous for putting plot on the back burner.

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