Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sound Byte: Meet the Audio Director of Battlefield 3

"Like many editors in the office, I've spent a lot of late nights playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2, aborbed in the intense multiplayer action. Whether you're lacing helicopters with C4 and flying them into the enemy or taking down entire structures with a tank, there are so many ways to create gigantic explosions that leave your ears ringing (like when a smoke grenade somehow winds up at your feet.) Part of what makes the game so fun and immersive is not only the gameplay, environments, and weapons, but also the sounds that depicts the cacaphony of war around you."

If you want to read up on the rest of this interesting article, shoot over to Gamespot for the official interview.  I love how DICE takes their sounds above and beyond the call of must games.  Instead of just recycling sounds from other games, DICE actually records the sounds of the guns firing, people walking through snow, sand, etc.

What most people don't know is that the music and sounds effects are just as much a character as the actual characters themselves.


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