Monday, April 25, 2011

Sony unsure if credit card info compromised in PSN outage

Better watch your information, the hackers might be buying all the pr0n they ever wanted!!
As if the fact the ongoing PlayStation Network outage entering its sixth day wasn't bad enough news for Sony, now comes word that the company isn't sure if the service's 75 million subscribers have had their personal information compromised.
According to a PC World report, Sony spokesman Satoshi Fukuoka said that the company had "not yet determined" if the confidentiality of PSN users' personal or credit card information had been undermined by the "external intrusion" that brought the network down. As of press time, Sony Computer Entertainment reps had not responded to requests for comment on the matter, and theofficial PlayStation Blog had not offered any updates on the situation regarding PSN users' information.
The cloud of uncertainty over the security of users' information is the latest development in the ongoing PSN outage saga. The crisis began Wednesday evening, when Sony took down the service with little explanation. Two days later, the hacker collective known as Anonymous--which had previously mounted attacks on the PSN--announced it was not sanctioning action against the PlayStation 3 and PSP's online service.
Then, late Friday, Sony revealed an "external intrusion" was behind the PSN outage, and said that it was conducting an investigation into the incident. Then, late Saturday, the company announced it was rebuilding the PSN infrastructure to ensure "additional security" would be added to the network.

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