Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sony and Microsoft launching new consoles in 2014???

PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 makers said to be colluding to hold off on system successors, leaving Nintendo alone for E3 reveal of Wii 2

Source: Gaming blog Kotaku.
What we heard: If the rumor mill is to be believed, Nintendo will hold a dominant presence at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo in June with the announcement of a successor to the 85 million-unit-selling Wii. Should that speculation prove accurate, Nintendo may be pleased to know that the rumor mill does not expect the publisher to be in competition with rivals Microsoft and Sony.
Kotaku reports today that it has heard from a variety of sources that neither Sony nor Microsoft plan to release a new console until 2014. "Both [Microsoft] and Sony are telegraphing to each other that they're delaying, to milk the current [generation] and fill in previous craters better," a source told the website.

A source also indicated to Kotaku that while 2014 is the target date for both companies, either could push the launch date forward to 2013 if they feel "pushed."
Of Microsoft's plans, the website claims that the publisher has yet to even decide the exact nature of its next console. According to Kotaku's source, Microsoft is still "wrestling with whether to be profitable on day one" for the next Xbox, similar to how Nintendo was said to have made money off of every Wii sold. Conversely, the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 were reportedly initially sold at a loss by Microsoft and Sony.

The official story: Neither Microsoft nor Sony had responded to requests for comment as of press time.
Bogus or not bogus: Considering the dearth of leaks concerning Microsoft and Sony's next consoles, it seems highly unlikely that either will pull a surprise announcement at this year's E3. Additionally, by Kotaku's sources' own admission, much remains in flux surrounding the companies' new consoles, so 2014 seems at this point to be not much more than a target.

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