Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Brink Interview: Neil Alphonso (Xbox 360)

Because I like Brink and I'm picking it up May 10th from Gamespot.  I put the game on reserve and picked up the DOOM kit for my character.  But check out this interview of this kick ass gaming dropping May 10th for all systems, and May 13th in the EU.

We find out that there's 60 skills in Brink, only 20 levels, so you can only pick 20 skills.  It will be pretty awesome to have a bunch of characters.

We get to listen to Neil Alphonso (lead designer) talk about the "SMART" system and the 4 different modes that get you use to the pakour style you will encounter in the game.

The movie is 4:20 minutes.  4:20 baby! :D


  1. Hey Cool blog and I actually had missed this Brink video so I'm glad i checked it out. I follow Brink closely though. I knew already what they were saying but the footage was nice.

  2. I too am following Brink (as you can obviously see). I have quite a few friends on the XBOX who are going to play this when it comes out.

    If you're ever on XBOX, perhaps we should play together.

    Yeah, I've noticed that the "new" videos are usually the same information, but tend to have new footage.

    And thank you, I'm glad you enjoy the blog. :)


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